Hanan_Drory_2Many people join ExScite, but some people decide to leave us (that is: to rejoin Scitex). Hanan Drory ([email protected]) , a veteran Scitex warier is re-joining Scitex Asia-Pacific (his third time around). He has informed us that he had made a decision (hopefully a good one …) to leave DGS Israel (Purup-Eskofot) and relocate to Scitex Asia Pacific in Singapore. Hanan will be holding the position of “Regional Sales Director” responsible for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and India. So, when in Singapore, do not hesitate and give him a call. Hanan was one of the first employees at Scitex and was both at STCL, STJ and STAP. He had left the Scitex in the 70’s to complete his masters degree in Australia, and came back to rejoin the company.He will remain an honorary ExScite member, having made the trip to hell and back several times…….