Sample of reactions to the Millennium E-Mail to ExScite members (of Nov 20, 2001).

click here to see a Sample of reactions to the Millennium E-Mail to ExScite members (of Nov 20, 2001)Scitex_logo_Succari


* (from Boston MA) This site is great and we all love it. Definitely think there should be a major get together in December in the Bedford MA area.


* (from Israel) Thanks for your Email. I really appreciate your project and I never had the chance to say it. Not too many people do things for others and it so encouraging to see that still a few do.


* (from Boston MA) Thanks for giving me a heads up regarding the newsletter. It’s a lot of fun. My years at Scitex between 1980 to 1987 were some of the best of my business life. I am going to update my profile. I’m not happy now that they are taking away the Scitex name.


* (from Israel) How are you these days? The Israeli newspaper Haaretz this morning had an article about Creo eliminating Scitex from its name because Scitex has decided to dump CreoScitex shares. The final, final end of an era.


* (from Toronto ON, Canada) Thanks for sending me the reminder to go and visit the site, which I have not visited for a while. It has improved tremendously and I know that it means a lot of hard work for you guys. The fact that current employees who have access to the Intranet can post the internal memo on the makes for very interesting reading for the ex-Scitex guys like you and me.


* (from NY NY) I wish to Salute the publishers of ExScite. Please keep it up and enhance your magnificent endeavor.

(Atlanta GA) I first came to know Scitex in 1982 as a user and later joined the company. I saw this dynamic company as an innovative leader in the industry. Never imagined I would see what now has become of this great Scitex Company.


* (Anonymous) Do you have photos of members? If yes, then how to find them and how to add photos?

(Reply to Anonymous) Currently we don’t have member photos as part of the member list. We are looking to do that in the future (and will probably add that capability soon). For now we have photos as part of the gossip column and we encourage you to send us a photo accompanying your breathtaking story.