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Paspartoo-( Israeli Internet start-up company founded in 1999, Paspartoo’s European headquarters are based in Brussels, Belgium. The vision of Paspartoo is to enlarge the print market by bringing it to a new audience. Paspartoo enables consumer designs to be realized in quality color print.Paspartoo has launched the first products at Drupa 2000. The company founders and top managers are of course our ExScitex friends:
David Amir[email protected] Founder and Chief Executive Officer
David Amir founded the company following a 15 year distinguished career at Scitex Corp in the fields of R&D, marketing and operations. At Scitex he most recently served as corporate Vice President at Scitex Headquarters. In that role Amir was substantially involved in creating and leading new business activities within Scitex. Previously he has held the position of Vice President Operations, Scitex Europe. Early in his career at Scitex Amir was involved in new product development as well as marketing positions both in the USA and in Europe.
Amir Kleinstern – Vice President R&D
Before joining Paspartoo, Amir Kleinstern worked at various positions in R&D and marketing at Scitex Corporation. His last assignments included heading the development of a Distributed Network Printing system for major newspapers and publications. Prior to that, he was marketing manager for Scitex Input devices in North America.
Benoit Cornet[email protected] Director of Marketing
Mr. Cornet was marketing manager of services for Scitex Europe and prior to that served as manager, business intelligence at Proctor and Gamble, Europe.
Daniel Van Kerckhove – Director of Operations
At Scitex Daniel has held several technical and managerial positions, including Regional Customer Support Manager for Benelux. Before joining Paspartoo Daniel Van Kerckhove was involved at leading large scale IT implementation processes at Scitex customers.