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CreoScitex Appoints New President for the Americas

VANCOUVER, Nov. 10 /CNW/ – CreoScitex, a division of Creo Products Inc. (NASDAQ: CREO – news; TSE: CRE – news), is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Joyce to the position of President, CreoScitex Americas (CSA). In this position, Kevin will report directly to Mark Dance, President, CreoScitex.

Since entering the graphics arts industry in 1994, first with Creo Products, and more recently with CreoScitex, Kevin has provided the leadership and market knowledge that has driven the company’s growth in North America. In his most recent position as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, CSA, Kevin played a key role in managing the integration of the sales and marketing teams subsequent to the April 1st merger of the digital prepress and print-on-demand initiatives of Creo Products Inc. and Scitex Corporation Ltd.

In making the announcement, Mark Dance stated, “Kevin’s understanding of the American market for both products and service will drive the expansion of CreoScitex. We look forward to his continued leadership in meeting our strategic goals.”

In this role, Kevin will be responsible for the success of all employees and business in the Americas. He will lead the management team at CSA in maximizing the market opportunities available, while building a strong and efficient channel for supporting and sustaining the company’s growth.

Shlomo Shamir, Ph.D., CEO of CreoScitex America, will continue in his present capacity, through a transition over the next few months, working closely with the CSA leadership team. During his over three years as CEO in the Americas, Dr. Shamir realized a significant turn around in the Scitex Americas organization. This provided the basis for CreoScitex’s current leadership position. His integrity has made CreoScitex a trusted partner in the graphic arts industry. Dr. Shamir is considering other opportunities within the company. During the transition his expertise will lend support to Kevin’s continued efforts to evolve CSA from an independent distribution unit to an integrated organization for the Americas.

About CreoScitex

CreoScitex is a world leader in solutions for the graphic arts industry. Core product lines include image capture systems; inkjet proofers; thermal imaging devices for films, plates, and proofs; professional color and copydot scanning systems; and workflow management software. CreoScitex is also an Original Equipment Manufacture supplier of on-press imaging technology and components for digital presses. CreoScitex is a division of Creo Products Inc., which trades on NASDAQ (CREO) and the TSE (CRE).

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