Yair Lahat, has joined MobilEye of Jerusalem, Israel http://www.mobileye.com/index_profile.html . He has 15 years of experience in Image processing Hardware Design. After graduating from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, he joined Scitex Corp. as a hardware design engineer. Later, Yair was one of the seed group of engineers that formed KARAT Digital Press Ltd – a joint venture between Scitex Corp. and KBA GmbH, to lead the hardware design of the Image Processing module used in the leading products of KARAT and Scitex. Next, Yair Joined the Scitex-backed SciDel Technologies Ltd. to lead the development of the hardware of the Imaging system that electronically inserts advertisements into live television broadcasts of sports and other events.
MobilEye develops driving assistance systems based on a single video camera used in vehicle collision avoidance system.