Matti_litvakDr. Matti Litvak ([email protected] ) has left Creo/Scitex and moved on to join Printlife ( ). DOR Ventures (which is managed by two other ExScite’s: Arie Rosenfeld and Ilan Neugarten) is one of the primary investors in Printlife. Matty has been with Scitex R&D in Israel for more than 10 years as senior color scientist.PrintLife is a Rehovot, Israel based startup, dedicated to photo-album print fulfillment of consumer images using the Internet. The prints will be produced on the Indigo color press. “Wondering what to do with all those great holiday photos? Here’s a great idea! Make your own 16-page hardcover Printlife PhotoBook. Your PhotoBook can be customized and personalized to tell your life’s stories. You can change the backgrounds, layouts, and add captions to remember all the great times you had…”