(In the picture above from left to right: Erez, Alon, Amir, Hillel, Efi.)
Nur Macroprint www.nur.com of Magshimim Israel, is a real ExScite stronghold. The company is a global leader in the giant format inkjet printer marker. Nur is publicly traded on NASDAQ with a symbol: NURM.
We have heard some rumors , that an additional senior manager from Scitex is just about to join Nur in Israel. We’ll report it as soon as it becomes official.
Erez Shachar, is CEO since 7/97. Erez is also a Director of Eltek of Israel. Prior to Nur, from 1989 to 1997, he served in various R&D, marketing, sales, and senior management positions with Scitex. His last position with Scitex was VP Sales and Marketing at STE and earlier he was a software developer within the R&D group of Scitex, Israel.
Hilel Kremer is CFO since 12/98. Prior to joining Nur, from 1993 to 1998 he served in various management positions with Scitex. His last position with Scitex was VP of Finance at Scitex Asia Pacific in Hong Kong, and prior thereto he held several positions in the finance organization of STE. Prior to STE he held various positions in the budgeting department of the Israeli Finance ministry.
Efraim M. Weinreb, is VP R&D 7/98. Prior to Nur he served as VP R&D of AutoMedia, an Israeli start-up company that developed digital video solutions. From 1983 to 1996, he served in various research and development management positions with Scitex in Israel. His last position with Scitex was R&D manager of Brisque Front-End.
Alon Avnon is the Managing Director of NUR Europe since 10/97. Previously Alon served as VP Marketing at Scidel, a company partially owned by Scitex where he established the European office to support sales and marketing activities. Prior to Scidel Alon served as Director of Marketing at STE.
Amir Noy is Managing Director, NUR Asia Pacific since its inception in 2/99. Amir lives in Shanghai, China (in case any one is looking for connections over there…) Prior to founding NUR Asia Pacific, Amir served as VP of Marketing at NUR in Israel. From 1994 to 1996, he served as VP of R&D at NUR. Prior to Nur, Amir was with Scitex R&D in Israel.