Is Rami Gilboa [email protected] having fun, or what?
For the 8 years since he left Scitex Israel, Rami drives off road and runsto tell the guys. He is freelancing a weekly column in Maariv, and plays a main role in Israel’s only 4×4 magazine: “Hegee”. He has also published “The Jeep” book, a comprehensive 4×4 guide. Doing so he drives monsters like the one in the picture here (to the see a large monster click: Rami has been seen lately 4-wheeling in Greece, Turkey, the snow-covered French Alps, Namibia, Thailand and Patagonia. InMarch 2001 he plans to drive snowmobiles in Lapland and in June he plans on18 days 4×4 expedition to the Indian Himalayas & Ladack. Ah… by the way, Rami also manage a marcomm consulting business (print-production coordination) in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.