Seybold reports that ECRM’s Bill Givens (ex-president) has moved back taking charge of operations, replacing George Carlisle, who has resigned.

March 7, 2001

Givens Back at ECRM Helm After Carlisle Resigns


George_Carlisle(Source: Bill Givens has moved back in charge of operations at ECRM, replacing George Carlisle, who has resigned. George was the president of STA in Bedford MA in the ’80s. The change reflects slower-than-expected sales resulting in part from the slowdown in the economy and in part from the slow rate of adoption of computer-to-plate systems as ECRM of Tewksbury MA shifts its market focus from imagesetters to CTP. The slow sales volume made it inexpedient for ECRM to have two high-level executives, as we understand it. Givens, who remains chairman of the board, is resuming the roles of president and CEO that he relinquished to Carlisle more than two years ago. Carlisle guided the company’s move to CTP, where it has installed nearly 100 systems, we were told. However, that isn’t enough to compensate for declines in imagesetter sales, not only at ECRM, but also around the industry, where, according to one source, imagesetter sales have dropped to about half of what they were five years ago.