(In the picture from left to right: Dan, Stuart, Scott, Brad at a show in Las Vegas) Dan Trajman [email protected] is CEO of iKnowledge. Prior to joining iKnowledge, Dani was the CEO of CTI Squared Inc. At CTI, he launched the company into the US market, developed brand name recognition, and secured its presence with initial deals. Together with Yacov Levi (an ExScite himself) he founded Levy Trajman Management Investment LLC (LTMI), a Lexington MA based investor at high-tech portfolio of companies. Prior to LTMI, he was VP Marketing and Business Development at Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products working with Yacov Levi (then, the CEO). Dani was Director of Product Management and Marketing at Scitex America in the late 80’s and early 90’s.
Other ExScite’s at iKnowledge are: Stuart Rudolph [email protected] , Scott Champau, Brad Pitt and Edi Feldman, [email protected] VP of technology services. Edi was 6 years with Scitex in Israel and 4 years at STA’s MIS.
iKNOWLEDGE, Inc. http://www.iknowledgeinc.com of Lexington MA, is a provider of integrated solution for the delivery of interactive web-based applications combining connectivity, management, creation and delivery into an integrated platform for the deployment of web applications.