Orbotech is one of the most populated ExScite strongholds, resulting from similarities of cultures between the old Scitex,
Orbot and Optrotech. Over the years we have reported on the lateral movement of people in key positions between the two companies.
Therefore, it is no surprise that when the Yavne, Israel based Orbotech www.orbotech.com decides to establish a new ventures arm- Orbotech Ventures, they naturally put an ExScite members at the top. Albert Yafe  has been appointed Chief Technology Officer. Albert had held key positions at Scitex R&D is a long-time Orbotech veterans; Asher having most recently held the position of Managing Director Orbotech’s Hong Kong subsidiary, and Albert having previously served as Orbotech’s VP R&D. In addition, Kobi Olin joined the new venture. Kobi had also worked at Scitex R&D before moving to Orbotech.
Orbotech Technology Ventures, a new corporate venture fund has just been established to develop and expand opportunities for growth and further strengthen Orbotech’s overall position within the electronics industry. Orbotech designs, develops, manufactures, markets and services production support solutions for the supply chain of the electronics industry, principally for printed circuit boards (PCBs), and flat panel displays (FPDs).
The ExScite members at Orbotech are: Noam Cohen, Guy Alon, Albert Yafe, Arnon Hazoni, Barry Ben-Ezra, Chanoch Biran, Yossi Hanenin, Isaac Duanis, Kobi Olin, Moshe Hansav, Richard Klapholtz, Shmuel Gov, Victor Wrobel, Yossi Faybish,Kobi Stern, Yosh Dolberg, Moshe Netzer, Amit Linenberg.