Roger Mattalon, Vice Chairman of Indigo, has
retired but will remain on Indigo’s board of directors.
Roger started with Indigo in 1994, when he became President of
Indigo’s European Four years later, with this goal achieved,
he became President of Indigo’s Worldwide Sales and
Marketing operations, and most recently served as Vice Chairman.
He spent 12 years at Scitex, where he served in various
management positions, the last one was VP Marketing at Scitex
in 1984. From 1989 he served as President of Dai
Nippon Screen France, and spent the following five years, until
early 1994, as Chairman of the Board of Dai Nippon Screen UK Ltd,
and President of Dai Nippon Screen Belgium S.A., where he
established Dai Nippon Screen’s European headquarters.
Indigo of Rehovot Israel, manufactures and sells
digital presses based on Digital Offset Color, electro-ink