The key
people at Solid-Dimensions are ExScite members. Ido Lahover [Email
[email protected]],
Yossi Bar-Erez
[Email [email protected]]
is the technology inventor and Haim Kreitman [Email
[email protected]
The Rosh Ha-Ayin, Israel based startup Solid-Dimensions
develops revolutionary desktop 3D-printer for building
plastic models of 3D designs in office environment. The easy to
use printer-like device produces high quality PVC, ABS or
Polycarbonate models, Rapid Prototyping & short Production
runs. The solid modeling product innovation in Israel has always
been based on ExScite’s. From Cubital (the founder was the
ExScite member Itzik Pomerantz [email protected]) to
ObJet (the current CEO is the ExScite David Ofek [email protected] ). In the
pictures from the left- Yossi (next to his invention) and Haim.