RealTimeImage Inc. (RTI)
, San Bruno, CA., USA, The Israeli Internet infrastructure
company that provides imaging products and services for the
graphic arts and medical industries, appointed Brad Giles
[email protected]
as senior vice president, Worldwide Sales. At RTI he will be
responsible for sales of the RealTimeProof product line targeted
to graphic arts professionals.
Brad was previously vice president of Strategic and Business
Development at Printable. He is also co-founder of Digital Art
Exchange (DAX) and in the past served as its president and a
director. He began his career in the graphic arts industry with Scitex
in Boston. At STA he held positions including
Senior Buyer, Purchasing Manager and Operations Manager. He then
moved into Customer Support where he held both District and
National Customer Support Manager positions. As we have reported,
one of the recent investors in RTI are the ExScite Arie
‘s DOR Ventures and Scitex Corp.