Again- CreoScitex layoffs in Herzlia/Bedford/Other, one day before announcing quarterly results.

50 additional ex-CreoScitex Israeli employees will soon join ExScite. Click here to see the Hebrew news at the Israeli paper Yediot. We’ll add an English version soon. In fact we’ve heard rumors that the number of laid off is more than 200 worldwide (5% of workforce).

Michael Rolant, the new manager of CreoScitex in Israel says that the 50 employees (5% of the work force in Israel) are laid off “to streamline the local activity to the current world market conditions”.

Of the 50 employees, 15 are permanent positions and 25 are hourly workers.


It is also rumored that 40+ people are to be laid off in the Bedford office (mostly from MIS and Customer Service departments).


This looks like another financial exercise, one day before announcing the deteriorating quarterly financial results; click here to see more Creo Products, Inc. Earnings Call scheduled for Thu, Aug 2 .


As reported, Scitex is trying to dump its holdings at Creo, perhaps selling its shares to the German giant Heidelberg; click here to see more-Will Heidelberg be the buyer of the Scitex holding at Creo