Uri Feldman, President of the Israeli
Frontline PCB Solutions
[email protected] ,
joined Orbot in 1986 as marketing product line manager and then
moved on to Orbotech, as Business Development Manager and
subsequently, VP Customer Support for Orbotech Inc., US. Before
Orbot, Uri had been with Scitex in Israel and in Boston MA.
Frontline PCB Solutions, of Yavne, Israel http://www.frontline-pcb.com/index.html
is a joint venture between Orbotech
and Valor,
is a leading provider of top technology pre-production CAM,
archiving and engineering software solutions for the PCB
industry, Frontline’s R&D and management teams are based in
Israel, with worldwide sales and support through Orbotech and
Valor subsidiary offices around the globe. Valor Computerized
Systems is a developer of multi-platform, object-oriented EDA/
CAD/ CAM solutions to the PCB layout design and PCB assembly and
manufacturing markets.