Ruth Lancet [email protected] and Mike Dolan [email protected] returned to Israel in August 2001 with their 3 small children, Sam, Noa and Gabriella, after having both worked for Scitex Belgium for 10 years (between them, they worked for Scitex in sales and marketing for almost 30 years!). In the picture from the left: Sam, Mike Ruth. After leaving STE, Mike founded AO International S.A.  together with the ExScite partners, Angela Oestmann and Albert Koelb. In addition, Darren Pye and Gita Sahni also work with AO. Mike works alternately five days in Europe and 8 days from his office in Israel. Ruth is not working at the moment, at least not outside the home. To pre-empt questions of disbelief regarding the wisdom of returning to the Holy Land during these times, they nevertheless feel settled and at home in Even-Yehuda.
AO International of Brussels, Belgium, supplies database oriented publishing solutions.