Mike Druttman ([email protected] ) has ploughed an independent furrow since leaving Scitex in 1985 after three years as Corporate Marcom Manager. He freely admits that the corporate life was not for him, although he looks back warmly to the time he spent in the Scitex family, a new immigrant from the UK at the time. Since then he has focused on providing copywriting and marcom consultancy services to a wide spectrum of Israeli industry. This included Scitex, Indigo, Fishman Holdings, Koor, Mer, Tambour, and the Caspi and Yigal Arnon law firms. Mostly he worked for a whole raft of smaller high-tech companies – who have had great technology but not always the best way of presenting it. A dyed-in-the-wool Marcom man, Mike has been involved in just about every variation of the art – for business as well as marketing writing. For several years he was also involved with International Business Partnering and set up his own organization (www.primecontact.com). In 1998 he got hooked on the Internet as a business tool, and decided to concentrate on writing and marketing corporate websites for companies. This led to specializing in Web Marketing and promoting web sites in Search Engines, Directories and through Linking Strategies (www.futureweb.ws ). He reckons that web sites are the best way to combine marketing writing and business development. Most recently Mike has sharpened his skills in two directions: creating web sites for professionals like dentists and lawyers (www.cap600.com, www.arnon.co.il ) and working for large players in the Security & Surveillance industry (very big since 9/11).