GECmilan79For old Scitex veterans, attached is a photo taken during a charming evening in a nice Italian restaurant, recomended by the expert on Italian food, Zvi Gat (Gate) in Milan, during the 1979 GEC show. GEC show was the most exciting and important milestone for Scitex, where it became the leader in the prepress technology and market after showing the first integrated pre-press system – the Response system (Who remembers that?).
Sitting from left to right: Uri ben Asa, Aharon Korem (Zinger), his wife-Daniela, Moshe Broudo, Shouki Cohen, Shouki’s wife – Hevi, Dani Zetland’s wife Frances. Standing from left: Dani Zetland, Zvi Gat and his wife Yona, Steven Daniel and his wife.
The picture has been sent by
Aharon Korem, now with Aprion.