On a sunny day in June 2002– the remaining Iris-Graphics employees had a pink-slip party near the company’s building in Chelmsford MA. This is (almost) the last brave bunch that stayed with the sinking ship to this late stage. ExScite welcomes you’all to become members and wish you success in your new career. –
In the front row – Debbie Bassler, Ed Chrusciel, Bob Lafond, Joe Unander,Jack McStravock – In the back (standing) – Vivian Bean, Tom McFadd, Carolyn McIntosh, Micheal Cloud, Donna Jenkins, Meir Yehezkel, Laura Voegelin, Jeff Smith, Mark Munroe, Karen Groginsky,Gray Lombard, Steve Avedikian, Glenn Clark, Elaine Mehigan, Andy Masia, Dennis Martin, Alan DiBenedetto.
The picture was provided by Meir Yehezkel [email protected]