Bruce Harrison [email protected] is the founder and CEO of PISCES – Print Imaging Sciences. Bruce was the president of the Scitex division Iris Graphics of Bedford MA in the late 90?s. Before Iris he was the president of Optronics.
The compay?s Chief Scientist is also an ExScite (in fact Ex- Iris)- Dr. David West [email protected] .
PISCES -Print Imaging Sciences Inc. is a Nashua, New Hampshire based company whose primary mission is the development of innovative ink jet systems for the printing and publishing industry. Founded in 1998 by a group of industry veterans,. The company has developed the first in a series of products, the JetPlate: a computer ?to- conventional platesetter based on Epson’s Stylus Color 3000. The printer has been modified to precisely handle metal printing plates and uses a proprietary fluid that ‘exposes’ the UV sensitive emulsion on a conventional plate.