Over the last few months we have been observing the process of moving substantial portions of Iris and STA to Creo in Vancouver. Last month we posted the news story about the final gasps of Iris (see ExScite News, June 30 “Iris Graphics- the end”).

From what we hear, Creo is handling this transition pretty well. Most the employees in Bedford, who had been slated to be laid-off, have been notified well in advance, as far back as 11/2001. The transition of functions and the planned gradual laid-offs are progressing on schedule, with farewell parties taking place almost every month. For example, this month 30 employees have left after months of advanced warning.

We have also heard that the separation package offered by Creo wasn’t too bad, which no doubt eased the pain of leaving. Creo said that they plan to complete the transition before the end of 2002. The Creo Bedford office (A.K.A STA) will be relocated to the former (and now mostly vacant) Iris building in Billerica MA, a couple of miles to the west.

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