Dalya Bahar has been working for Scitex for the last 24 years (going through all the phases- Scitex/CreoScitex/Creo). She joined the company in 1979 as a 21 years old girl, working as an electronics designer in Scitex Israel. In the past 3 years she works in the POS division (Print On Demand System Group) as a QA team leader and is also Developing Infrastructures and Processes for Quality Assurance at POS. As such, she works in coordination with the Xerox’s QA team in Rochester NY. During the years she studied Marketing and Quality Assurance Methodologies. Currently she is studying for a Business Management degree in Derby University in Tel Aviv. Located in Herzlia, the POS group of Creo develops DFE’s – Digital Front Ends and Color Solution for (mainly Xerox) printers and high-end copiers.