is the CEO of Ceseara Israel based Remon Medical Technologies.
Hezi was with Scitex in Herzlia from 1982 to 1996.
Remon Medical Technologies, an Israeli
startup, develops minute, chip-based devices that are implanted
deep in the body for wireless, non-invasive disease management and treatment.
Remon devices can work either as sensors for measuring and monitoring bodily
medical parameters such as internal pressure, blood flow, and temperature, or as
activators of drug delivery and other medical devices.
Remon has acknowledged that it is raising a $15-million third round of funding
and expects to launch its product at the end of the year. Hezi Himelfarb said
the company has already received a $10-million commitment. The company
previously raised $3 million in its seed round, and $10 million in its second