[email protected] took this group shot during the Trainers Team Meeting in 1992 or 1993 in front of the Bedford. MA office, in the good old days.
Back row: Stan Najmr, Rick Conte, Mark Mascara, unknown, John Marquardt, Jim ?, Roni Gilboa?, Paul Costa, Steve Solomon, Bob LeComte, Frank Cervantes, Leigh Kimmelman
Row 2: Maria , Nannette Lyons, Julie Mount, Scott Champeau, Deb Arsenault, Jeff Rosenbaum, Will Ruperto
Row 3: Boris Poberesky?, unknown, unknown, Melanie Adams, Marc Johnson, Dov Shocham, Tim Conboy, Jeannette Thorpe, Paul Angelsky, Jackie Perez, Nick Toscano, Denise Desplaines, Bob Lee
Front row: Aron Blume?, Sue Fuhs, Bill Mc Cafferty, Margaret Burke, Bill Colton