The ExScite
Eldad Weiss

has stayed on as CEO of the Israeli company
Paradigm Geophysical
, after the
friendly take over of the company by Fox Paine, a San Francisco investment
In a sense Paradigm which began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange in June
1998 went private. Paradigm and Fox Paine reached an agreement on May 22, 2002,
announcing that they had signed on a $102-million deal to acquire Paradigm.
Paradigm which was spun out of Scitex in 1988 is located in Herzliyah
Pituah, north of Tel Aviv. Eldad who had been application manager at Scitex in
the 80?s, is the founder of the company which has been based on Scitex 3-D
imaging technology.
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see an article about Eldad, which was published at The Jerusalem Report, on Feb
10, 2003.