XMPie, a Scitex spin-off founded in 2000 by the ExScite’s Jacob Aizikowitz, Israel Roth, and Reuven Sherwin. XMPie’s products enable combining electronic and print ad campaign management software
The company main share holders Scitex (19.4%) and Jerusalem Venture Partners have invested $4M so far and a $5-7M round is underway. The company has 26 employees in Netanya and 7 in the US.
In an interview with Globes, Jacob Aizikowitz (in the picture) said: “Toward the end of my time at Scitex, everyone was talking about personalized digital printing. … about ‘external personalization’, i.e. personalized content via the Internet for each surfer and customer, Internet people talk about personalization, and print people talk about personalizati