Lior D. Ma’ayan, is the Chief Executive Officer of the medical instrumentation company Orsense.
Lior was formerly EVP Corporate development and Chief Operating Officer of Compugen (NASDAQ:CGEN) and served in several positions with Scitex corporation (currently NASDAQ:CREO), both in Israel and in Brussels, and lastly as a managing director of a division. Prior to Scitex, Lior served as a research officer in the IAF and is a graduate of the Israeli Army Talpiot Program.
OrSense,  based in Rehovot, Israel, develops non-invasive monitors of blood analytes such as glucose, hemoglobin and cholesterol. OrSense’s technology has the ability to realize a continuous monitoring system that would allow diabetics to monitor their glucose levels without the need to draw blood – painlessly, safely and reliably. To date, OrSense has raised approximately $14 million in private and VC financing and in Government support from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist.