Rami Liron is doing Business Development in Japan through his company TechWays Asia Pacific. Among his clients you can find the s/w company Babylon, Scitex Vision and others. He spends most of my time in Tokyo.
Rami was the President of Creo-Japan between 2000 and 2002. He joined Scitex Corporation in 1980 as Customer Support manager for Japan, a position he held until 1983. He then returned to Israel, where he managed the Customer Support organization of Scitex International until 1987, when he was transferred to Singapore to assume the role of Regional Manager, Asia. In 1989, he moved on to Hong Kong to work on market development in China. In 1992, Rami established the Scitex Asia-Pacific office and managed it for four years, leaving Scitex in 1996 to consult independently for hi-technology companies operating in the Asia-Pacific region.
When CreoScitex was formed in 2000, Rami joined as a Representative Director, taking responsibility for restructuring the Japanese subsidiary.