The joint development program between Scitex and Kodak Approval, was announced at Drupa in 1990. The (then) $250,000 proofer married a Kodak-developed recorder to a Scitex Whisper controller. The recorder produced about three proofs an hour on several paper stocks at 1,800 dpi, using inks developed for commercial sheet-fed or SWOP applications. The proofer applied screening to the contones using traditional Scitex screening.
The negotiations with Kodak were long and complex. This picture was taken at the final marathon-negotiation session in Herzlia in 1989 or 1990. Standing from left to right (click on the picture to enlarge):
Richard (Kodak), Moshe Broudo, Yoav Chelouche, Gideon Keydar, Shelagh Hammer, Aharon Nizani, Steve(Kodak) and Vic (Kodak).
Gideon is holding the clock to show that the negotiations were still going strong at 4 AM…..
The picture was sent to us by Shelagh.