William T. [Bill] Davison  is the Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Customer Services at Presstek since January of 2003.
Bill leads Presstek’s customer service, business development and strategic marketing efforts.
Prior to joining Presstek, he was Founder and Principal of Point Balance, Inc., a business consulting firm, where he worked with clients to build high-performance printing and publishing enterprises through process design, technology and organizational development. 
He also served as Vice President-Customer Services at Scitex America Corp; Director-Strategic Technologies at Kodak’s Advanced Technology; and Director-Strategic Planning and Business Development at Kodak Electronic Printing Systems. Bill has also taught extensively and served as an independent Technical Consultant for the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation in Pittsburgh PA. 
Presstek, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of digital laser imaging and chemistry-free plate technologies for the printing and graphic arts industries. Presstek?s DI, CTP and chemistry-free plate products eliminate photographic darkrooms, film and toxic processing chemicals, fostering a more productive printing workflow, lowering overall production costs and reducing environmental impact. Presstek partners with press manufacturers, enabling over 90% of the DI presses installed worldwide. Presstek?s Dimension Series of CTP systems are available in two-, four-, and eight-page models.
The company also manufactures chemistry-free printing plates for both DI press and CTP applications. Presstek is a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: PRST) located in Hudson, New Hampshire, approximately 45 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts.