Genoa Color is another startup company populated by ExScite?s.
In the picture from top down are: 

Simon Lewis – VP Marketing & Business Development. Simon was with Scitex, with Karat Digital Press as VP Marketing and Sales and with Ingeneo.
Dan Eliav – VP Professional Products and Founder, Dan has held various positions with Scitex and Shira Computers. 
Ilan Ben-David – CEO and Founder. Ilan was at Scitex, CTO of Karat Digital Press and Optrotech. 
Dr. Moshe Ben-Chorin – Chief Scientist and Founder. Moshe was Principal Physicist at Karat Digital Press.
Karat was (and no longer is) a joint venture between Scitex and the German press company KBA.

Genoa Color Technologies develops technologies to significantly enhance image quality and the viewing experience for a wide range of displays in the consumer and professional markets. The company licenses these technologies to major electronics companies for integration into their product lines. Genoa, with R&D based in Herzlia, Israel, is a venture-backed company supported by VCs and private investors.