Meir Levi is the president of Shoreline Commercial Real Estate.
He started his career as an Electronics technician at Scientific Technology, that later on became Scitex. He moved on in the early 70’s and while getting his engineering degree he worked part time at Amdahl Corporation in Sunnyvale, CA on mainframe computers. Then he moved on to Intel Corporation (1977 – 1981) as Test Engineer and later in a newly formed group called, Technical Support for the 8088 & 8086 Microprocessors. In the 80’s he worked in a start up company working on IBM PC Based CAD / CAM product. In 1983 Meir switched to commercial real estate business.
Since 1996 Meir owns Shoreline Commercial Real Estate, Inc. Shoreline is a real estate consulting firm, located in Saratoga California. They provide consulting services to commercial and private clients in the area of real estate for hi-tech companies.
Meir is also a member of the Angel Investment Group called Silicon Ventures, located in the Silicon Valley. This group mainly invests in Israeli startups, both in the Silicon Valley and in Israel.