STA’s StarCruiser Crew [Left to right]- Bob Holt, Dawn Link, Paul Willis, Allicia hagen and John Ialachi. 
The picture was sent to us by John Ialachi who has had the poster hanging in his office for 10 years. He wrote:

The “StarCruiser” was a full blown Scitex demonstration center on wheels complete with A/C and heating, self generating power, and a fully loaded a/v conference room.Complemented with all the Scitex toys from input on a Smart 340 to output on a Dolev 200. Through in were some Macs, an Iris proofer, a ton of Scitex software apps, a Star PS workstation, and off we went. Every stop we had to fix just about everything as these toys didn’t like traveling in an unpackaged state! We had a great time and showed Scitex technology in a wonderful way to a lot of people in the publishing industry. We even took the whole damn trailer and tractor inside a trade show as our booth and ending up winning an award of some kind. I logged a lot air miles the first year, but on occasion rode in the cab an saw the US from a whole different perspective. It was a great time for me!
After my two years at Scitex I helped launch a new company in the US market, Eskofot US (the Monoscan manufacturer) with the help of another former Scitex engineer, Steve Nelson. I left there to manage USA TODAYs’ massive transition to CTP at 36 print sites while working for Pitman, then moved on to help establish ProImage America which is owned by other exScitex members Dov Rainis and Ilan Vinner. I’ve been President & CEO of ProImage for more then six years, and just yesterday the assets of ProImage were acquired by Agfa. I’ll continue on with the new company under Agfa ownership, but we’ll operate as a completely separate entity.?