This historic shot was taken in September of 1979. The picture and the story behind it was sent to us by Dennis Kaliser.

It was the first “formal” R-300 AE training class made up mostly of new hires.
The only previously trained AE’s were R-200 vets Ruthi Gahtan, Uri Lebowitz, and Melene Follert. Uri and Melene were already in the field doing the first customer trainings when this picture was taken. Ruth Gahtan was working with R&D as I recall.
The class was supervised by Reuven Treep seen sitting in the foreground. He taught the class all the concepts carried over from the R-200. He was part instructor, part student teacher of the printing stuff and some of what I knew of the R300 to date. Most of the hands on instruction was done by R&D people. I don’t remember everyone’s full name but here is who is who from left to right in the picture.

1. Dennis Kaliser (with the afro cut)
2. Jonathan Mayshar (Long career with Scitex and Scitex users worldwide)
3. Javier Kassel (Later became Demo center manager in STE and worked in sales at STA)
4. Mark Levinson (not an AE. He was the only R300 technical and marketing writer at that time.)
5. Reuven Treep (R200 vets), worked for Scitex as an AE and later worked for users in South Africa, the Far East, Italy, Spain Russia, Holland and many other countries around the world.
6. Avi Ben Arzi X pilot, left Scitex shortly after training.
7. Eli Friedlander (another long career with Scitex and Scitex users worldwide)
8. Tzachi Krelenstein (became AE in Europe for about one year)
9. Judith (forgot her last name) (Left Scitex before end of training)
10. Dan (or Don, I forgot which) Sharon (became AE in Europe for about two years).

Editorial comment:
This is how we like to get information submitted to us by our ExScite users. Thank you Dennis for the meticulous research.
Aharon Nizani, ExScite Contact Editor.