For the very-very ExScite old -timers, here is a picture from 1970.

The product is a 12″ diameter, mirror telescope with a 5000mm focal

length connected to very hi-speed 35mm motion film camera.

picture was taken at the optical lab (then, still in Rehovot, Israel).

The project was designed for the military applications and included

integration of these components into long-range intelligence

observation system.
The project code name was – Kan Akiva.

I remember this Telescope very well. I recall we tested it twice with 2 different teams on 2 different times. If I recall, we were the second team with Eli, & Hanan Drori..
We spent 3 days on mountains in the north, testing this telescope. At that time I was not sure what was the gadget designed for.

Meir Levi