Yigal Banker is the Vice President, Engineering at Actuality Systems.
Prior to joining Actuality in 2004, Yigal was founder and VP
Engineering at ArcPoint Systems, a startup company and leading
developer of enterprise Storage Area Network products. Yigal served as
VP Business Development at Charlotte’s Web Networks, VP Engineering at
Avici Systems, and CTO at GammaGraphX. Yigal also held key management
positions at 3Com, Chipcom, and 13 years at Scitex Corporation in Israel and in Boston.
in 2000, Actuality Systems of Burlington MA develops Spatial 3D
visualization systems for use in critical defense, medical, and
security operations. Organizations evaluating Perspecta include the
National Institutes of Health, Centacor (J&J), Kyoto University,
Nissho International, Purdue University, the US Army, University of
Toronto, and others. The company has numerous patents pending and
issued, in the US and abroad, across the Spatial 3D ecosystem –
applications, graphics algorithms, optics, and computational hardware.