What a sparkling business…Avi Daly is the VP Sales and Marketing at Sarin Technologies.

Avi spent a total of 14 years at Scitex in Israel and in the USA. After Scitex Avi was with Qubital, Comverse and Verint in Israel.

Sarin Technologies of Ramat Gan, Israel was established in 1989. Sarin is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced planning, evaluation and measurement systems for diamond & gemstone production.
Sarin products include cut grading tools (for round and fancy shapes), rough diamond optimization systems, gemology tools, diamond color grading, and laser marking machines.
Sarin systems have become an essential gemology tool in every laboratory, diamond appraisal business, and manufacturing plant and a must for diamond dealers and retailers.
Sarin products assist the diamond dealer, manufacturer, retailer and gemologist in making the right decision, maximizing profits, and minimizing errors, by providing diamond measurements and polishing suggestions.