This was sent to us by Mike Sinigaglia who found it for sale on eBay for $0.99.
Looks familiar? It is a label for ink-jet printer paper optimized for Iris printers for medical applications.
In 1996 Scitex established the Scitex Medical Imaging subsidiary in the USA. The subsidiary’s goal was to focus on developing systems for the medical imaging marketplace. Called Scitex Medical Systems, Inc., it introduced two new products based on Iris platform: the Unitone B/W and Varitone color printers that output “near-diagnostic-quality” images on paper. Applications for the printers include outputting a wide variety of medical images, such as ultrasound and CAT scans, and magnetic and nuclear radiation scans. Companies such as Picker International, Inc., Philips Medical Systems Nederlands B.V., Diasonics Ultrasound, Inc., and Elscint Ltd. have signed with Scitex to market the printers.
The subsidiary was folded after less than two years.