Nathan R. Yakobovitch who’s currently the Director, Global Strategic Purchasing at NICE Systems Ltd. Israel has sent us this picture and list of names:
    “Early June 2005 we eventually met– The whole ancient STCL Purchasing bunch had a gathering at Avi Raby’s place in Hertzliya. The faces were the same, a wrinkle here and there, the hair is somewhat greyer (or lesser, in some cases) but the same loving happy eyes. In the attached collage, you can see us all. From top left:
Iris Dassa, Avi Raby, Arita Mattsoff, Nili Berger, Michael Katz, Rafi Rauscher, Suzanne Leaf, Michelle Herman, Gailie Steger, Jorge Gerber, Zalman Tzibel, Nira Neuberger, Nava Bachar, Nathan Yakobovitch, Florie Nitzan, Yossi Keinan, Nicola Jacks, Yisrael Leshman, Ilanit Interstein, Moshe Obertziger, Yaffa Baer, Hanoch Halamish, Mili Kalech, Lea Bar Dayan.
We even got a phone call from Nicole Furman in S. Africa, regreting for not joining”