VioWorldwide’s Chief Technology Officer is the ExScite Yaron Goldstein.
Yaron was one of the founders of Vio Worldwide. He joined Graphor Ltd. prepress in 1983, one of the earliest adaptors of the first Scitex systems in Israel. He was at Printer Industria Grafica SA Barcelona, one of Spain’s largest printing factories and part of the Bertelsmann group, and managed the digital prepress at Pioneer Plates Ltd., Israel’s largest packaging prepress specialists.
Yaron joined the Scitex Corporation as a senior application specialist and introduced packaging prepress and on demand digital printing systems to customers in Australia and Japan.
Vio offers a suite of software products, network provisioning and management expertise with 24×7 managed services for the intelligent distribution and collaborative management of advertising and digital media across the entire graphic arts supply chain, with guaranteed delivery.
Since its founding in 1998, Vio Worldwide  has been enabling its customers to more efficiently manage their digital supply chain and leverage their digital assets. Vio Worldwide’s more than 10,000 users, range from the world’s top publishers, prepress providers and printers, to ad agencies, retailers, consumer products manufacturers, packagers and Government departments. Vio Worldwide is part of London Merchant Securities plc, a UK-based company.