The ExScite – Aharon Korem, now working for HP division in Israel [what used to be called: ScitexVision], is devoting his free time to his [conventional and digital] arts.
Korem, known to his long time friends as Zinger, is a real Scitex veteran [27 years]. He is currently a Senior Fellow, dealing with out-of-the-box technologies and feasibility projects regarding inkjet. He started at Scitex when the company was still Scientific Technology (Technologya Madait) located at the Weizmann Insitute in Rehovot, working in the optical lab. He later moved and joined Aprion, the Scitex inkjet spin-off. Aprion was later forced to merge with ScitexVision, which was recently sold to HP. The company is located in Netanya, Israel.

Aharon defines himself as a painter and a sculptor using recycled materials. To view Aharon’s paintings, log into: . Here you can see a sample of his original paintings, where some of them are digitally enhanced.