On November 22, 2005 the OnDemand Journal published the article: “Talking with Jacob”, an interesting interview with the ExScite Jacob Aizikowitz.

Jacob_Aizikowitz“…I recently had the chance to pick the brain of one of the best brains in digital publishing technology,
Jacob Aizikowitz , Ph.D., CTO, Chairman, and founder of XMPie Software for variable data publishing. Aizikowitz is an expert in digital printing, personalization and computing for graphic arts. Besides having a Ph.D. in computer science from Cornell, he’s held some pretty heavyweight jobs with the likes of Scitex, IBM and EFI. Here he shares views and insights on today’s digital publishing marketplace.
XMPie of Netanya, Israel is the leading solutions provider for cross-media dynamic publishing – an essential and growing segment of the CRM and Marketing Automation market. XMPie?s software enables enterprises and their marketing service providers to efficiently develop and execute highly customized, information driven, cross-media campaigns…”
Read the complete interview here: http://www.ondemandjournal.com/specialfeatures/ford30.cfm