The ExScite Yoav Lorch has been putting together a new universal icon language, primarily for SMS communication. Zlango, his new startup, is devoted to developing this new ?picture speak?, and making it available on every handset on the globe.
See examples of Zlango messages here
Yoav (personal page)  was a consultant and later a member of the Scitex human interface group. After leaving Scitex he founded PressPoint.

See here an article (in Hebrew only, sorry) about Yoav, titled: “This language will make you smile”.

The Israeli start-up Zlango has developed a graphic based language that replaces text in SMS with a new icon-based system. A practical, expressive, juicy and fun language that?s simple and intuitive, addictive and viral.
Zlango is a language designed specifically for the SMS society; It is tailored for the mobile handsets and is sent over existing SMS infrastructure.
An international language Zlango bridges cultures with a language that transcends borders.
Simple user experience with unique display capabilities enables people with disabilities to express themselves using mass market handsets.

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