Lynda Schlosberg is a professionally trained Graphic Designer, Creative Director, and Project Manager who has worked in high-tech commercial and non-profit environments for over 22 years.
Lynda has extensive experience in developing, implementing and managing large-scale Web sites and in developing brand identity and communication systems for companies such as Sybase, Inc., Powersoft Corp., Progress Software, Allaire, Macromedia, State Street, Nortel Networks, Riverton, Newmarket International, Scitex America, Hurricane Voices, and the MITRE Corporation.
She has specialized on integrating brand identities for companies that have experienced a merger or multiple acquisitions, and in developing and implementing the strategy to extend their business model and brand image onto the Internet.

From 1990-1994 she worked at Scitex America., in Bedford, MA as Design Manager, Corporate Communications, Applications Manager, Product Marketing, Product Specialist and Product Marketing.