Spectrum_Dynamics_bunchSpectrum Dynamics is a pioneering medical device company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative molecular functional imaging technology, accessories and applications.  The company was founded in early 2000 and is located near Haifa, Israel. Spectrum Dynamics’ medical imaging technology is able to detect abnormalities as small as a few mm in size with very high sensitivity, significantly shortening the functional imaging procedure, and enabling dynamic imaging and compartmental analysis of various pathologies.

Three of ExScite finest hold key positions there:

Michael Nagler PhD., is the company’s general manager & COO since 2003. Miki had been the co-founder and CEO of Aprion, which was later merged with Scitex Vision and now is a division at HP inkjet group. As the Scitex Corporate VP and General Manager, Product Divisions, he managed a group of six product divisions. Earlier he was VP R&D at Iris Graphics, a Scitex division in Boston.

Haim Melman is the VP R&D since 2004. Haim joined Spectrum Dynamics following a 15-year career at Scitex Corporation Ltd. At Scitex, he held the position of Director of R&D for the corporation’s Input Systems Division. Haim also served as the Chairman of The CMOS Technical Committee, part of the MAGNET project of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Commerce. In addition, his experience in the medical imaging equipment industry includes developing digital angiography systems at Elscint, Ltd. and as VP R&D at Orex Computed Radiology, Ltd.
Prior to joining Spectrum Dynamics, Haim has also co-founded and managed InfoBit, Ltd. and JetPic, Inc., operating in knowledge management and marketing software solutions.
Thirteen patents have been published based on his work.
Yossi Kamir is the company’s R&D Lab Supervisor. he has 18 years of experience as R&D Lab Supervisor at Scitex, input & output devices, Cubital 3D, Creo Scitex, Aprion and was the co-founder of VaryFrame.