The article ?TURNING OVER A NEW LEAF , The Leaf Volare and Cantare digital camera backs? appeared in 1999 at the Photographer Magazine.
Leaf Systems Inc began as an American company, which in 1992 was acquired by the Scitex. The original Leaf Digital Camera Back produced 2048 x 2048 pixel images of such outstanding quality that this camera alone confirmed the future of high quality digital acquisition. I visited Scitex Corporation Ltd in Israel in May 1999, to discuss and use their forthcoming single-shot camera back, the Leaf Cantare.
A visit to a camera manufacturer speaks volumes about that company, Scitex. Research, design, software, manufacture, assembly, testing, packing and marketing is all done in-house by a close-knit team. I saw it all.
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In the 1999 picture from Scitex Israel, from left to right: Dennis Kaliser, Yossi Ben-shoshan, Ilan Carmi and Shiri Brickman.