In May 2006, the ExScite’s Efi and Dalya Arazi hosted a party in their new home in Herzlia Pituah (not far from what used to be called Scitex corporation).
The nostalgic evening was exciting and ExScite’ing. Several dozens of Israeli high-tech executives and politicians, as well as former friends from Efi’s days at the helm of Scitex and EFI, came to show their love to Efi.
The evening was well attended and included good food, dancing, a short movie highlighting Efi’s lifetime achievements, and even a personal recorded message from the new Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Ehud Olmert.

In the pictures [above] are Efi and Dalya and in the picture below is the invitation for the event..
We at ExScite.Net have additional pictures and videos, which we plan to post here later on.