Since 2005, Avi Huppert is the CEO of Mempile.
Avi_Huppert_3Avi has held senior technical and mangement positions at Aprion, Scitex Israel output group and Israel Aircraft Industry.
Located near Jerusalem, Mempile developes a removable optical drive capable of storing one Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) of data on a single disc; two orders of magnitude more than what is available today. The company’s technology comprises both the disc itself and the drive required to read and write. Mempile’s discs will allow for fully secured storage of information and the application of robust digital rights management schemes; also, its discs have a much longer projected shelf-life than what is common today. Mempile has signed a number of cooperation agreements for the manufacturing and marketing of its products with major media and storage corporations.
Mempile was founded by Ortal Alpert CTO, in 2000. It raised about $27M from venture capital funds and strategic investors in three previous financing rounds.