The ExScite Avi Raby who joined Jemtex Ltd as  a CEO, completed an MBO of Jemtex together with the ExScite Shuki Sheinman, Jemtex’s CTO.
Following the transition of Scailex from IDB to Petrochemical Indu. and the decision of Scailex not to further invest in Jemtex .Avi has concluded an MBO agreement and took control over the company . Jemtex is geared now to market its inkjet printers in the ceramic tiles industry and has few additional activities that injects revenues into the company. Jemtex is developing industrial wide-format inkjet printers for fabric, ceramic tiles and corrugated cartons.
In his 24 years in Scitex, Avi Raby, CEO has held various positions, including: European Customer Support Director, International Purchasing Director and Vice President of Human Resources atScitex Corp. General Manager of Creo ME&A. Later he was the CEO of KlearVision Ltd.; Before joining Jemtex,  Avi was the CEO of SDT  and raised $5 millions from Sequoia capital.
Dr. Shuki Sheinman Jemtex founder and CTO. In a career spanning over 20 years, Shuky has developed advanced systems and managed R&D and engineering teams for leading hi-tech enterprises and organizations, including NASA, Scitex, Cubital and El-Op. An inventor of numerous patents, he is the primary force behind the company’s various proprietary technologies. Dr. Sheinman holds degrees in Mathematics, Mechanics, and Control Engineering.
Jemtex of Lod, Israel, develops and applies proprietary innovations in Continuous Ink Jet technology for industrial printing applications, currently focusing on the textile and tile printing segments. A proprietary Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology developed by the company incorporates innovations in nozzle design, multi-level drop deflection and assignment, multi-nozzle head design, and on-line multi-jet calibration and control. These innovations enable the first viable digital printing solution for industrial applications.
Jemtex has been backed by the Scitex Corporation – which was later “converted” into Scailex